What a Woman Wants

A Self-Care Symposium and Marketplace

It was a warm day in July, when Allison and I met on a lunch break in my car, in a parking lot to brainstorm an idea that had been perculating. Before that, we both knew that we wanted to collaborate, but were trying to decide on the perfect business venture that could utilize our complementary skillsets. After much research and discussion, we decided against the odds to join forces and publish a quarterly print magazine which we named Trifecta Mind Body Soul.


Since 2013, we have built and maintained relationships with hundreds of people and provided them with a platform to share their stories, their business ventures, their recipes and their tools for success. We've learned so much about ourselves and others over the years, but our biggest learning of all is... EVERYBODY has a story to share, they just need a space to do it.


Trifecta Mind Body Soul is now proud to present a symposium and marketplace! Join us to hear from empowering speakers while you shop from local vendors who have been curated to offer items and services specifically with you in mind. We choose vendors who make beautiful items, offer self-care services, or provide products to help you become healthier, happier and wiser.

We can't wait to meet you and shop alongside you!


Cindy Drummond & Allison Cartwright

Your Hosts

Cindy Drummond - just a local YYC girl who believes in the power of Synergy, Synchronicity and Sincerity. Notice her name is sounded in each of these favourite words. Coincidence? 


Allison Cartwright - the soul of Trifecta Mind Body Soul. Allison is all about Alliteration, Altruism and Alchemy (the miraculous power of transmuting something common into something precious). She takes every project we work on together and turns it to gold.

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