Ali's Magic Socks

Ali Anderson

Ali is overwhelmingly excited for the opportunity to introduce you to VoxxLife wearable neurotech. She experienced life changing results in her personal well-being from something so simple as wearable technology. With a family consisting of two young boys, a simple pair of socks has given Ali her life back. She looks forward to showing you instant benefits from stepping on the technology.

Arbonne International

Alicia Casement

Alicia is passionate about helping others create self care in their lives and feel confidence and self love within through the use of our incredible pure, safe and beneficial products and support system.


Our products are Vegan Certified, Gluten Free, with the Cruelty Free Seal, alongside an extensive list of 'NOT ALLOWED" ingredients of 2000! We offer complimentary fun facial evenings or afternoons for you and your girlfriends so you can spend time together being pampered and learning about the importance of what you put on and in your body for greater health!

Being Balanced

Janice Liski-Skinner

Janice Liski-Skinner is a Speaker, Proactive Health Coach with Being Balanced and a Registered Nurse of 33 years. She is also a member of the International Nurses Association and a professional network marketer. Janice delivers a powerful message of why being proactive in your health should be top priority. Her association with Seacret & 7.2 has allowed her to change people's lives on the inside and out by giving them the nutrition their body needs to perform at their best.


You know the saying, "if mamma ain't happy, nobody's happy"? It really should read, "if mamma ain't healthy and happy, nobody's healthy and happy". Don't miss this opportunity to learn how her journey and experience can help YOU make simple steps in putting yourself first. 

Chiropractic Wellness Clinic

Dr. Alma Nenshi

Dr. Alma Nenshi, DC has been serving Calgary families for more than 20 years. Her patients range from newborns with sleeping and digestive concerns to individuals with lower back pain, herniated discs, neck pain and headaches to adults over 65 needing assistance with neurodegenerative concerns like memory, tremors and healthy aging.


Dr. Nenshi constantly strives to assist patients from a whole body perspective to overcome the negative impact of physical, chemical and emotional stress that when left untreated may lead to damage, degeneration and disease. Due to a personal family challenge, Dr. Nenshi decided to take additional training from the Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology, and eventually earned her Diplomate with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board in 2006. At this point her focus expanded to help patients with chronic pain and neurological concerns, who either had plateaued with their symptoms or were seeking drug-free solutions to improve their central nervous system challenges beyond what they were able to achieve with traditional medical interventions.


Her new clinic located in Sundance, SE Calgary, not only provides comprehensive chiropractic care, but also assists individuals with neurological concerns ranging from head and spine traumas, concussions, vertigo, headaches, spinal injuries, chronic pain, nerve pain, peripheral neuropathies (eg. diabetic neuropathy, sciatica, elbow pain and carpal tunnel), disc injuries, memory concerns, healthy aging, sleeping challenges and energy concerns. Dr. Nenshi has invested in unique technologies that focus on reducing inflammation and improving neuro-muscular rehabilitation with the goal of helping people improve their health to their full potential.


Dalyn Sjogren

Take the Daysdream journey to nurture your skin, beauty and soul! Dalyn's dream and passion is being able to help women Let Their Goddess Shine with her Goddess Treatments, Healing sessions, and Makeovers.


Daysdream is the home of the Signature Reiki Facial unique to North America that truly is bliss and like no other facial.

Fifth Avenue Collection

Janice MacLean

Janice has been selling Fifth Avenue Collection for nearly 21 years and she is passionate about empowering women to look and feel their best. Fifth Avenue Collection has become the brand of choice for millions of fashion conscious women, who seek luxury style at a pre-luxury price.

Free Spirit

Sabrina Babic

Sabrina is a Psychic/Medium and Usui Reiki Practitioner, and has been able to connect with Spirit from a young age. Through Readings and Reiki she hopes that her connections with Spirit and Guides help others grow and heal; So that their own heart. mind, and soul can live and love freely.

Healthy Lifestyles After 40

Angela Jenkins-Schoenfeld

Angela and her partner Jason are inspired to impact world health and empower others to make a change to be the best versions of themselves through a natural nutritional superfood called Isagenix. Together their goal is to remove physical and financial pain and support a global team they have created.


Laura Kitchen / Allison Cartwright

Home is not a's a feeling. Introducing Calgary's newest subscription box curated by two Calgary women with a passion for local! Inside of a HOMEBOX you'll find Canadian made items from independent businesses that will inspire your creativity and delight your senses. From trendy decor items, and the latest usable gadgets to consumable supplies, each box is sure to make you smile and give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.


HOMEBOX Co. will be at What a Woman Wants with a limited supply of their Spring Edition box for sale, this is their debut box and once it's's gone for good.

In Balance Mobile Reflexology

Lynn Paulhus

Lynn has been a Reflexologist for over 30 years. She is an expert in helping people reduce the symptoms of hot flashes, headaches, pain and stress. She offers treatments in an office as well as in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Just B Clean

Brittany Belich

Just B Clean is a locally owned and operated family business that provides handmade bath and body products. Our goal is to offer natural, dye and chemical free goods. Each of our products are thoughtfully crafted with your health and wellness in mind. We use high quality ingredients and pure essential oils to ensure a luxurious experience that you can feel good about! Our products are a reflection of our philosophy... Just B Clean.

Keep Your Cup Full

Julie Dick

Julie Dick has been living with her mental health diagnosis since she was 15 years old. She wanted to have conversations with those around her but with more than just words and she wanted to reach further than just her inner circle. She wanted to help others in her community realize that they are not alone. That is how Comfort Cushions were created, the conversations continued and over $2,300 was raised last year for mental health!


With each purchase of a Comfort Cushion you are donating $5 to those struggling with mental health and you are receiving a soft, cozy cushion filled with handmade notes and resources for local mental health organizations.

Kenzie's Kreations

Kenzie Field

How it all began - One day growing up Kenzie’s brother broke her necklace and beads went flying everywhere. Of course being a young girl Kenzie was very upset and started to cry. Kenzie’s father, being the entrepreneur, told her to stop crying and fix it. With a confused look on Kenzie’s face, her father gave Kenzie tools. Since this moment, Kenzie has been learning jewelry skills on her own and creative pieces of her own.


With an environmental passion, Kenzie has made a conscience effort to refurbish older jewelry pieces into some of her new creations, reducing the impact at the landfill. If you would like to donate older, unwanted jewelry, you can contact Kenzie at: or 1.604.760.6488.


With a unique eye, Kenzie creates one of a kind jewelry pieces for all to enjoy. Each piece is selectively hand crafted and original; no two pieces are the same. Kenzie can be contacted for custom pieces as well. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy Kenzie’s work and passion. – Kenzie Field (Local Artist)

Layers of Love by L&B

Brenda Urness

The Light Journey

Shayleen McHugh

Shayleen McHugh is an intuitive and compassionate Reiki practitioner. She works with women to help them overcome stress and stress related illness by offering holistic self care products and services that support personal growth and facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit.

M. Stahl Creations

Melinda Stahl

M. Stahl Creations is a unique line of artisan gemstone jewelry, candles and body products designed and handcrafted with originality and quality in mind. At M. Stahl Creations, our philosophy is: Be Authentic - Be You. Celebrating our unique, dynamic and beautiful selves, as we are. If we had to describe our style in 3 words, we'd say: vibrant, elegant, & contemporary. Show some love to yourself or someone else by selecting your fave products. We hope you love them as much as we enjoyed making them. 

Natch Generation

Shawna Bruch

Protect, nourish and renew the largest organ of your body, the skin! Natch Generation prides themselves on creating simple yet luxurious herbalist formulated botanically charged skin care for you. They select only the purest organic and unrefined butters and oils for their products as well as highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes so you know you're getting the best! Its all "natch".


Adrienne Battad-Pallister

Adrienne primarily works as an Early Childhood Educator with children with complex needs. She became an Independent Consultant with Norwex as it aligns with her personal philosophy of taking the best care of herself and others.


Norwex focuses on drastically reducing the number of harsh chemicals in our homes, creating safe havens for families and promoting care for the environment. Ask how to clean with only water!

Origami Owl

Robin Becker


Marilyn Cox

Marilyn Cox is the quirky pink-haired owner of Pinkology Studio. Self-taught and annoyingly curious, Marilyn uses the natural beauty and good energies of Alberta as her inspiration for her handcrafted raw crystal + metal jewels.

Plunder Designs

Debbie O'Donoghue


Pure Romance

Melissa Davis

Melissa has been in the sexual health education life for 5 years. She loves to help empower people and lessen the taboo associated with sex. With knowledge comes great power and Melissa is always learning so she can help everyone she meets.

Rayediate Beauty Boutique

Raylene Montgomery

Raylene became a Younique Presenter because of their mission and their products - which she truly loves! Rayediate Beauty Boutique sells Younique cosmetics, including customizable/personalized skin care. The cosmetics development processes utilize scientific research to ensure that their products contain high quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin.

Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner & outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment - while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.

Reiki Healing Grace

Anjna Brahmbhatt

Anjna Brahmbhatt is devoted to achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and is working to fulfill the need of her soul helping people for well being.  She is Usui and Karuna Reiki Master with 20 years’ experience teaching all levels of Reiki in both systems and treating clients one on one, in person and long distance. She also teaches Pranic Healing and uses it to treat clients. She has 30 years extensive experience in Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation. She has instructed and treated people with various ailments in India, Vancouver and Medicine Hat. Besides her private practice, she has taught Wellness programs at Medicine Hat College for 8 years. 

She is now in Calgary, has a private practice and is teaching some classes in Okotoks and High River. Her classes are Therapeutic Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Pranayama, Mindfulness Meditation, Chakra Meditaion, Healing Mudras and East Indian vegetatian/vegan/gluten free cooking. She helps people quit smoking and does intuitive counseling.

Signature HomeStyles

Kathleen Kupis

With the Signature HomeStyles collection it's easy to put together a look that you'll love. Three easy steps to style - organize, colorize and accessorize all wrapped up in fun, interactive home parties. I'll show you how to take a room from boring to wow. Hang out with your friends and shop together!

Spent + Stone Jewellery

Shawna Bannerman

I design and make gemstone and crystal jewellery to provide men and women with accessories they feel an emotional and spiritual connection to, in order to help them live their most aligned life.


I started my business the summer of 2018, and am a one-woman operation. I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, and finally decided to start a business, which has provided me with an outlet for all my creative aspirations. I absolutely love learning about the properties of crystals, so that when someone comes to me with a condition or ailment, I can offer them a piece of jewellery that will bring healing, positivity, and light into their life.

Sugar Rush

Lisa Pye

Sugar Rush was established in May 2018 and you may have seen them at the many farmers' markets in and around Calgary this past year or maybe you have just heard of them.


"When I first fell in LOVE with fudge many years ago, I thought to myself, how hard can this be to make? So I made it and I failed miserably....and then failed and failed some more until eventually, I nailed it! After sharing my fudge with friends and family and getting rave reviews I decided to give it a go as a business to see where my fudge journey takes me. Maybe, just maybe I can make this into something official and sought after!"


Lisa Pye believes in the art of balance. Everything in moderation. "If you’re going to enjoy dessert, make sure it’s worth it. Skip the treats that don’t “wow” you, and enjoy seconds of the ones that do! Believe me when I say my fudge will "wow" you!

Sundarata Naturals Inc.

Lenita Sigurdson

Lenita is the founder of Sundarata Naturals Inc. and creator of Replenish Facial Serum & Replenish Citrus/Mint Lip Balm; two natural, organic and toxic-free products designed to nourish and illuminate your skin.


Replenish Facial Serum formulated with a unique blend of oils to effectively nourish and restore even the most sensitive skin. With a gorgeous blend of healing botanicals, this serum infuses incredible health into the skin.


Replenish Citrus/Mint Lip Balm has a wonderful aroma, goes on like silk, provides a lasting shine and leaves lips ultra moisturized.


Nicole Doig

Nicole Doig is an Independent Distributor of SweetLegs. SweetLegs is a Canadian apparel company based out of the gorgeous Okanagan in British Columbia. Owned and operated by a devoted husband and wife team, SweetLegs is the first Canadian leggings company to have our own in-house designed Signature Line – available in 4 adult and 3 children’s sizes to fit most, with dozens of unique and beautiful prints. SweetLegs have a four-way stretch and a kitten-soft finish which makes them adored by individuals of all ages and genders.


With an exciting lineup of new exclusive prints released every month, you’ll never have a boring wardrobe. SweetLegs is proud to share and live our inclusive body positive message: Self Confidence is the Best Outfit, Rock it & Own it! At SweetLegs we truly believe that beauty is not a one-size fits all equation; every body is beautiful!

Thirty-One Gifts

Cathy Reid

Thirty-One products are both stylish and functional—from beautiful handbags & purses to handy storage totes, baskets, stationery and more, there is something for everyone. And most of products can be personalized to make your own unique statement for you or as a gift.

Ulov Jewelry

Ekaterina Ulovich

Ekaterina, who is the owner and the designer behind Ulov Jewelry line has always been creative. Before, it used to be painting and photography and about two years ago she fell in love with jewelry making.


She loves the beauty of natural stones, wood and metals and incorporates all three into her designs. There is something calming and therapeutic working on creating a new design or a new custom order and seeing someone wearing her jewelry on regular basis brings a smile on her face.


Kelsey Robutka

Valentus is a company that sells healthy products and helps you to manage your weight, turn fat into energy, with many more benefits.

Young Living

Jodi Gorder

Come out and meet Jodi, she is a great resource on all things oily, she LOVES her essential oils and is ready to show you how to start living a cleaner chemical free(er) life by just changing out a few things.

Zyia Active

Katherine Knowles

Zyia Active is a premium quality athleisure and activewear brand that promotes a culture of embracing activity with excitement, vigor and delight. Katherine is an independent representative of Zyia Active as well as the owner and operator of Springbank Pilates, a private Pilates and strength training home-studio just outside of Calgary whose goal is to be a safe-haven for women to heal their bodies through the power of movement.


She joined with Zyia after a year of waiting for them to launch in Canada because she wanted to offer her clients the highest quality, most comfortable and gorgeous activewear she could find. When a woman has an outfit that is high performance, doesn't need re-adjusting, holds everything in in all the right places, gives them confidence and that they just feel fabulous in, then they really show up!

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